Mixed Spice Soap

What a clever soap I am completely amazed how my skin feels. It lathers to an incredible Rich velvet textured cream. It’s immune boosting benefits I can see already working on my skin. The mixed spice makes one feel fresh and ready to face the day. I am thoroughly enjoying the S Range and its long lasting positive well being benefits it is having on me. Gentle on the skin too. I highly recommend these products after using various from the range. Thank you.

Franca Giampa

Favourite candle ever

I absolutely love this jasmine candle the smell fills the room and is the perfect way to relax in the evening!

Tasha Parry

Smells amazing

I was lucky enough to be gifted this lovely soap and it’s smells amazing, I absolutely love it!

Tasha Parry

Quality product

Lovely scent both when lit and stand alone. Adds freshness and nature to a room.

Russell G

Lovely smell

Lovely smell, not too over powering.

Russell G

Luxurious wax melt

The peony fragrance is divine! Almost immediately, the luxurious scent fills the room and it smells like a spa. Generally, I always find floral fragrances quite weak and subtle but this is perfectly punchy and delicate at the same time.


Fresh, floral and fills the room

The fragrance pay off for this candle is amazing - before even lighting it, the scent fills the room! The jasmine candle has a wonderfully delicate floral aroma, but also powerful enough to fill up even a large room!


Bluebell Soap

my bluebell soap is working well. It’s freshness is unbelievable and smells as fragrant as a woodland on a frosty morning. I almost feel I have live bluebells in my hand. Lathers well and the shape is shallow and easy to use when hand washing. I would say its not overly fragranced so I would happily gift this to my male friends not just female friends. It’s a truly beautiful soap and pure luxury. I am so happy with it I will be keen to replace it once finished. They last for quite a while not a fast disappearing soap at all which makes it a great soap on all counts ! Thank you ! S

Franca Giampa

What a treat!

I have painted my kitchen tiles and couldn’t get rid of the strong paint smell for weeks. I tried everything, vinegar, raw onions, baking soda and nothing worked. Then I purchased the bluebell diffuser and guess what? The paint smell disappeared within a couple of hours. Love my new diffuser.

Marian Jurko

Wonderfully fresh.

I have tried many different scented candles but this one is by far the best. The candle actually burns as strongly as when you initially smell it. Honestly, absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend and definitely will buy again.

Marian Jurko

Refreshing scent

This is genuinely one of the best car air fresheners I have ever used. The bluebell scent is simply incredible and lasts really long.

Does exactly what it supposed to, smells nice in your car 😊

Marian Jurko

Smells beautiful

I received one of these as a Christmas gift and I will definitely treat myself in the future. When you step into the house it smells amazing unlike some you buy from the supermarket! (Waste of pennies)

I like to be able to smell for myself that my house smells lovely, this is well worth the pennies!

Gemma Phillips

Transforming Soap !

I highly recommend these beautiful soaps. It has healed my dry hands and never have the need to use hand cream. They are rich and lather well making hands feel extra clean and fresh. I will buy nothing else but these soaps for my skin. The fragrance also I might add lasts from the moment you unwrap the soap and until the soap runs out ! A very worthy purchase. Will be buying more ! Thank you.

Franca Giampa

Franca Giampa

A must have!

Bought one of these for my car and it’s so effective! The car feels fresh and clean every time I get in and it’s lasting well too! Much better than a smiley face from the car wash! :)

Dominic Weager

Car fragrance

These are absolutely gorgeous. They look expensive and smell fabulous. Would make a great gift. Thank you Stephanie for a prompt delivery....... 5*

Silvana Hobbs

Amazing fragrance!

Super fast delivery, such a lovely fragrance and instantly filled the whole house. Amazed by the powerful but soft scent - by far the best diffuser I have ever bought and I have tried lots. The bluebell fragrance is fresh and floral. Strongly recommend and I will be purchasing the others fragrances in the future.

Briony Batchelor