Hand Soap


Hand Soaps

Our beautiful handmade hand soaps are thoroughly cleansing and therapeutic experience.

Hand crafted using the highest quality natural ingredients, these are available in a variety of luxury fragrances including: Daffodil, Peony, Bluebell and Sandalwood. Our new Mixed Spice hand soap is a natural immune boosting soap with an aroma of spicy spring fragrances.

Good for moisturising and dry skin ~ leave your hands perfectly cleansed.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Technical Information

Size: 100g

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Ratings & Reviews

  • Franca Giampa

    Mixed Spice Soap

    What a clever soap I am completely amazed how my skin feels. It lathers to an incredible Rich velvet textured cream. It’s immune boosting benefits I can see already working on my skin. The mixed spice makes one feel fresh and ready to face the day. I am thoroughly enjoying the S Range and its long lasting positive well being benefits it is having on me. Gentle on the skin too. I highly recommend these products after using various from the range. Thank you.

  • Tasha Parry

    Smells amazing

    I was lucky enough to be gifted this lovely soap and it’s smells amazing, I absolutely love it!

  • Franca Giampa

    Bluebell Soap

    my bluebell soap is working well. It’s freshness is unbelievable and smells as fragrant as a woodland on a frosty morning. I almost feel I have live bluebells in my hand. Lathers well and the shape is shallow and easy to use when hand washing. I would say its not overly fragranced so I would happily gift this to my male friends not just female friends. It’s a truly beautiful soap and pure luxury. I am so happy with it I will be keen to replace it once finished. They last for quite a while not a fast disappearing soap at all which makes it a great soap on all counts ! Thank you ! S

  • Franca Giampa

    Transforming Soap !

    I highly recommend these beautiful soaps. It has healed my dry hands and never have the need to use hand cream. They are rich and lather well making hands feel extra clean and fresh. I will buy nothing else but these soaps for my skin. The fragrance also I might add lasts from the moment you unwrap the soap and until the soap runs out ! A very worthy purchase. Will be buying more ! Thank you.

    Franca Giampa

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