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About Stephanie

Stephanie is passionate about wellbeing having recognised the need for people to have impartial support and a listening ear when facing life’s problems. Some people sometimes find life overwhelming. Many of us can manage a demanding career but find relationships or family issues too stressful to manage.

So many issues can present themselves to us. Bereavement, Heartbreak, Redundancy, Financial stress. Loss of a pet or losing touch with a very close friend can be more painful than most people realise. Health issues too can be caused by or exacerbated by an overwhelming stress load or emotional upset.

A lack of self- belief or high anxiety levels can deeply affect our wellbeing. Sleep disruption, dietary problems can also come into being when upset or stress takes hold.

So many little things can culminate in a bigger issue. Stephanie has over 34 years of experience of listening, guiding and supporting people through difficult times.

Recently she attained a Distinction in Miracle Works Coaching and is accredited to practise as a Positive Psychology Practitioner.

In addition she has a Diploma with distinction in the use of essential oils for wellbeing products, a Diploma in Personal Nutrition and a Diploma in Personal Weight Management.

Stephanie has also been practising as an experienced personal Astrologer & Counsellor for 34 years. In that time she has established a long standing client base from all over the world. 

Whatever the problem... Stephanie can help.

Sessions are based on the needs of the individual and an initial telephone or email enquiry is welcomed.

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